Saturday, April 20, 2013


Madpea is DOOMED unless we FREE our leader Kiana Writer!

We have solved the clues and Madpea has come up with a plan to save our fearless leader, Kiana Writer, who was kidnapped from her home this morning and taken to a strange land known as Ravenshard! With your help we will band together and raise the money needed for the ransom and punish the evil doers who stole her from us and threaten to destroy Madpea!

Join us at Ravenshard as part of Fantasy Faire 2013, April 20th @ 12PM SLT and let's free Kiana or Madpea is DOOMED!

All proceeds raised will benefit Relay For Life! So please come help raise money for this worthy cause and free our fearless leader as well!



For $1000 you get an EXCLUSIVE Gollem Bro Avatar!. (As seen in the Inca game)

For $5000 you get a VIP pass to MadPea’s next game 24 hours BEFORE the public AND the EXCLUSIVE Gollem Bro Avatar!

If the bail of $50,000 is reached, Kiana will be FREE and as a reward to the community she will reveal the title of our next Madpea game to the world!

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