Monday, April 22, 2013

INCA Vendor Interview - Virtual Decay

Virtual Decay


 Every MadPeas hunt has a theme or definite feeling about the game that they create. What do you feel is the feeling that jumps out at you with this game? What do you feel?

Besides the bloated tummy from drinking that horrid Inka Cola?

MadPeas is notorious for making things difficult and it shows by the amount of times people ask for help or more hints. We have the helpers in the pea group that love to do so. Did you have a lot of people asking for help with your store? Do you hide your item very sneakily or are you more kind to your fellow hunters?

I haven't had many people asking me about help, but thats probably because I look pretty scary and mean. I did try to hide the object as good as I could, but I think people didn't have a hard time locating it.

So be honest, how many times did the caves take your life before you were able to complete the game. (if not completed) how many times have you lost your life up to this point?

well, lets leave it to that that i died 6 times just to get through the initial cave wall that I had to blow up. 

Please tell us a little bit about your store and your products? 
(how did you get started in Second Life?)

I signed up with my first AV in January of 2007 during the great Hype. After the initial pixelsexin' and camping for lindens rush wore off, I shifted my attention towards making stuff. My first products were actually static poses.. that didn't really work out. So I moved towards t-shirts. Using the free t-shirt templates available online, together with some images and funny lines, I ended up with an actual line of products! I came up with a store name, Cloud 9.1, and went shopping for a store building. By this point I never even rezzed a single prim, so buying something was my only option.
I knew I didn't want a "standard" store building, so I found a cool sim where they were selling industrial type buildings and I ended up buying one. a bunker! To make a long story somewhat shorter. That build made me want to build myself. So I made a store sign, and then some more, and then all of a sudden, I made my first bunker.. If you have visited my sim lately, I have come a long way from then.

What is the prize that you made for the Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior?)
Coming up with a good idea for the hunt wast that easy. The inca theme was at first not that compatible with my usual style. But google was my friend. I stumbled upon inca kola, and started reading about the brand. I liked the images I found, the colors and the logo, so I decided to build a low land impact decorative building.

What do you think of the game play and the story that builds the game?

I really like the interactivity of it all. The immense level of detail in both the build as in the story is amazing.

Have you had a favorite experience with any of the hunt member(s)?

I do not interact that much with the people that visit my sim. But I am a silent lurker. I have my Draw Distance set very high so I cam all over my sim and see what they are up to. I must say that I am very impressed with the majority of the people wearing the Peas tag, they all look fantastic!

What is your favorite thing about being involved with this game?

Besides the fact that a lot of new people had a chance to come and explore my sim, I like the level of professionalism coming from the MadPea's organization. I know Kiana from way back and I tip my hat to her for setting up such a great team of dedicated creative souls, and to be able to be a (small) part of that makes me proud.

What would you like to say to the Peas that have or have not done the hunt?

to the peeps that have done it, I say Congrats! and enjoy your prizes!, to the ones that didn't I say get off your lazy behinds and get exploring! 

Thank you for taking part in this interview. It has been a pleasure!


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