Monday, July 15, 2013

It's time...

to begin, isn't it..?

About two years ago I was thinking of a story that I had had in my mind for a while already and shared that with my team. We started discussing: "It wouldn't.." "It can't.." "That's not possible.." "It would take..." the more NOs I heard the more my heart sank and I buried the story all the way back in my head with several other ideas that had never got out..

While building and scripting the Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior, I suddenly saw that the time was right and when I reminded my team about UNIA they all said YES! Finally we could do it. I could barely contain myself with all that excitement. I knew it in my heart that the time truly had come.

One of the best things in Second Life is the amazing support creators give to each other. The MadPea Crew is insanely talented and fast.. but the undertaking of a game this huge in proportions was something we had never done before... so I bravely contacted the best of the best that I knew and to my surprise they joined our forces! Dear Peas, we're going to give you something you have never experienced in your life!

I don't want to spoil too much.. let the few teaser pictures speak for themselves.. the journey will be long and full of surprises. If you lost your sanity with our games before, it's time to stock up on more. I hear they're selling some on Marketplace..

With action like you've never seen before, creatures from your wildest nightmares, puzzles that will make you hurt..  Support in a way we've never done before..

Touching beauty in the midst of all darkness and evil, giving hope maybe it's not all that bad...

and of course Madness at its purest form.

Unia is coming soon, based on my story and designed by the ever so awesome MadPea Crew in collaboration with the most amazing talented individuals:
Jaimy Hancroft from Death Row Designs
Artist Fuschia Nightfire
Artist Rebeca Bashly
Alia Baroque from Fallen Gods Inc
Artist Bryn Oh
Artist claudia222 Jewell
Scripter Caer Balogh
Mocap animations created by Abramelin Wolfe from Abranimations

My loyal sidekick Glitch will be giving you more insight to the people and happenings behind the scenes, so stay tuned.

Peas and Love,

If you want to know more, watch this amazing video by Draxtor

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