Sunday, July 14, 2013

Room 326: Prize Page Review

Room 326

Prize Review 

If you have not done the amazing Return of Room 326 hunt, you are missing so much with just the story and the mystery of the game. The added extra to this amazing game is the hunt prizes you get at the end. A bunch of you have wanted to see what it is you get when you do this hunt. So if you have not done the hunt and you were on the fence about it, well here are the hunt items that will just help you that much to entice you and make you get that detective hat on and "RETURN TO ROOM 326!"

Envelope #1

War Bug touches your inner fashion star with giving you 5 styles of awesome sunglasses.

Envelope #2

Death Row Design gives you some boots that seem to show you
have not been entirely careful in your latest activities

Envelope #3

Oceania - Nurse Shark!

Envelope #4

Dwarfins gives you a little friend that looks extremely close to the little girl that crawled out of the TV in the movie "The Ring."

Envelope #5

DIGS gives you a nice end table with a great color changer making it be able to
match with any and all decor.

 Envelope #6

 SAKIDE - Male/Female Runaway Outfit

 Envelope #7

Poetica gave us this amazing skybox called "the hatch"

 Envelope #8

Never Totally Dead gave us the very store that they made for Mad City! 

 Envelope #9

Just BECAUSE gives both the Male & Female a nice little dress shirt/top

 Envelope #10

 Druidmas Whispers gives some necklaces that are both amazing in detail but also that is suitable for either male or female.

Envelope #11

Mad lets the inner demon come out from under your skin and become visible with this prize with tattoos, scars and scratches and even spikes through the hands.

Envelope #12

Distorted Dreams lets you live out your dreams as a detective with giving you your very own detective's office.

 Envelope #13

Shey hopes you are ready to take pictures, because both the Males & Females get their own separate Photo Pose Sets.

Envelope #14

Noctis gives you a lovely little sitting area to sit back relax and just chill out.

Envelope #15

 MadPea lets you never forget Mad City even when the doors close and the gates lock, letting you have your very own Crying Peacock Park Statue. Yes it is the same one! 

Now if you have not gone and done The Return of Room 326 Hunt, you have no reason at all not to! The story and experience is enough to just have you become one of the 50's again and travel into the past. But now you see what you can get along with this amazing experience,

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