Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dark Dimension Hunt - How to start

An old prison island has been converted into a corporate 
haven of shops, boutiques and corrupt clubs. 
From the construction team to the sales force, 
more and more people are mysteriously vanishing daily. 
The 'Blue Sky Corporation' is desperate as tales of 
'black monster' are leaking through the rumor mill. 
They have hired you to get the island back in order 
- but a secret lurks in the darkness. 

Do you dare discover the truth of this chilling Halloween grid-wide hunt?

Follow the clues given to you and unravel a mystery that 
will take you to another Dimension.


Welcome to the Dark Dimension interactive hunt by Madpea Productions!

We begin our story here at the DRD Shopping Mall. 
You have been called in to investigate strange occurences 
that are causing people to leave and shop elsewhere. 
The investors of the mall are not happy and you have been hired by their company to find out what is going on. 
Could it be foul play or is there a greater mystery to solve? 
You should begin by talking to the people 
around this place to get the full story. 
Good luck, and don't worry... You're not alone. 

Buy a HUD at the dispenser for 150 Linden and wear it.
(Please take notice to the information the hud will give you in local chat)

The HUD will at first be empty. All you will see are the 3 circles. Make sure to talk to the Non Player characters on the SIM to ACTIVATE your HUD. 

will look like the image above.

Click at the manila folder, you will receive a clue. 
These clues will lead you to another location 
where a second clue will be hidden. 
Turn up your speakers and read everything in local chat carefully. 
Pay attention and watch as your HUD changes as new clues are discovered. 

Your goal is to complete the story and find out the truth.
 If you succeed, there will be rewards for your excellent detective skills. 
If you need help, consider joining the Madpeas group. 

Good Luck!

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