Monday, November 26, 2012

MadPea Carneval - Who built what?

MadPea is currently very busy. Shortly after the opening of the Carneval the Enchanted Frost Hunt started and you might have seen that our third sim Hoshi Island, which hosted our great game Sanity Falls, is closed now for reconstruction. The next huge game is on the way....

All that would not be possible without our large team of talented builders and scripters. Find here a list of all who contributed to the MadPea Carneval. Of course we start with our Creative Director, Harter Fall. The following artists are listed in alphabetical order.

Harter Fall

Harter Fall
The Creative Director was involved in many projects, Here a list of them:

Buildings:  Castle and wall structures, Drake viking ship swing (with RAG Randt and Geoffrey Xenobuilder), Entrance: Tunnel, ticket boothes , Escape The Room gamestart buildings, Gulliver tower (scripting by Apollosmile), MadPea Store, Penny´s Antiques Store, Planetarium (interior and scripting by Takni Miklos), Rose garden, Event stage (with RAG Randt, Kiana Writer, Linus Humphreys), Wicked Sin Store

Props and additions to other builds:  Streetlights, Trees and bushes, rocks, Fences and wooden plank elements, pier at ferris wheel,  Nooses for carousel, Decoration and details stores , Roofs,  curbs and signs, mesh ceiling for hellracer game

Environement effects:  Swamp fog, Local lighting, Region Windlight, Region Water, Terrain textures


Apollosmile Resident
For the MadPea Carneval, Appollosmile contributed "the coaster to work and programmed the elevator observation tower Takni Miklos is the programmer of the coaster engine i only built it :P"

Arduenn Schwartzman

...scripted the Merry-Go-Round, built the entrance...

...and the The HellRacer circuit, carts and scoring system-

Claudia222 Jewell

MadPea is proud to host the last work of the famous artist and it is one of the attractions of the Carneval:

Fae Varriale

Fae Varriale

Fae build the Fortune teller...

...the Tunnel of Doom ( train, torch and escape puzzle scripted by scripting from Zachh)...

... the Madometer ( scripted by Zachh Barkley)

...the Carousel, she built the basic structure (dolls, re-texturing and scripting by others)...

...and the Gypsy caravan with voodoo altar in swamp:

Fuzz Difference

Fuzz Difference
All Madpea builders love to work and learn together in a team, but Fuzz is extra humble. The talented Scripter does not really like to be honoured. He just commented that he added some scripts. But...just between us...he is an important member of the MadPea family.

Geoffrey Xenobuilder

Geoffrey Xenobuilder
Another humble Scripter. Without scripts, nothing would be fun at the Carneval.

Madcow Cosmos

Madcow Cosmos avatar taken by Eupalinos Ugajin

Madcow left SL a while ago but he lives on with hus builds at MadPea. Three of his builds found a place at the Carneval. The Storybook...

...the Maze...

...and the Ferris, sadly broken by Kiana Writer ;)

Linus Humphreys

Linus contributed the Lab tunnels...

...textures creation & overhaul and cute petits pandas gifts that you get as prize:

Lorin Tone

As always, Lorin added ambient sounds to the Carneval.

Paramparamm Papp

Paramparamm Papp

 Our hedgehog built the pathways...


...the entrance to The HellRacer...

...and many small builds, like this lamp post:

Param: "I was responsible for these places, but also for not posting naked snapshots of Kiana on the MadPea store's walls... yup. that was me not doing that. please don't hate me for it!"

Penelope Parx

Penelope Parx
The Italian artist built the Candy-Shop...

...and the bridge:

RAG Randt

The artist and builder created several builds and canvasses, here a small choice of them:

Voidheart Mistwalker

Voidheart Mistwalker
 Void has been scripting several of the smaller games at the Madpea Carneval: Cat-a-pult, Skull Pop, Dunk-a-Doll  (fishbowl game), Shotgun Wedding and he is still working on modifacation and upgrading of scripts.

Yooma Mayo

Yooma Mayo, taken by Simotron Aquila
Yooma built the great Roller Coaster:

Taken by Melusina Parkin

Zachh Barkley

Zachh Barkley
Zachh: " I scripted the ghost train, flash lights, teleporters, visualFX, etc. Anything that's flashy! Haha!"

And last, but not least we should mention two team members who are bot much in SL but also contributed works: Smiley Dyrssen has scripted Kaaos and Reaction. Both games has been built by Waghorne Truss,

Taxi to the Carneval:


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