Tuesday, October 15, 2013

MadPea and The Mieville Midway Halloween Gacha Expo!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and our Beloved Peas!

The magnificent, magical, mysterious Mieville Midway is almost here, and you're all invited, because MadPea Productions will be there! 

Come see Gachas from some of the virtual-world's most famous designers and stalls from the finest Steampunk, Goth and Alternative creators.  Be prepared to be titillated, tantalized and amazed as the ancient woodlands wake to the call of carnival while the unseelie haunt the paths and clearings, dancing high in the hills on mirror lake, tempting, teasing, taunting you all to join their dark dance.
MadPea will have a booth at this event stocked full of MadPea created content for your purchasing pleasure.  Many of these items are from past MadPea hunts! Also, while there is still time, those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of doing the Dark Dimension hunt, can purchase a HUD at the booth.

This fun-filled shopping event begins at Noon SLT on Tuesday October 15 and runs until Midnight SLT on Thursday October 31st.  Don't miss this opportunity to bring home a little fun from the MadPea hunts you have loved!

Visit the MadPea booth at the The Mieville Midway Halloween Gacha Expo

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