Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dark Dimension Hunter Top 5 Interviews III

Hello Peas!

Hope you all are enjoying the Dark Dimension Hunt.  Today we get to talk to our third hunter to finish this dark and challenging hunt.  This beautiful lady banded with her fellow hunters as a group to make their way through.  This increased their effectiveness and fun factor!  Read on to get all the juicy details!

3. pearl Solano 10/7/'13, 5:37 am 15h 6'

What did you like about the Dark Dimension hunt?

Leesha Azara (pearl.solano): for starters, I never miss your hunts, and the dark dimension was at the height of my expectations, the difficulty was increasing and the story really well chosen, I love going to all the shops that are your partners.

What helped you complete this hunt very quickly, given that people are saying, its a challenging one?

Leesha Azara (pearl.solano): We were able to help each other more in the hunt. Girls that I came across on the sim and several shops, so we have gathered and we get together.

Do you have any tips for hunters, that may be thinking of doing this hunt, for the first time?

Leesha Azara (pearl.solano): we formed a group to hunt. SEVERAL were passionate, and the hunt is more enjoyable and more fun when you're in a group of friends and looking for allies. You must also have patience, and a very good graphics card, frankly it helps = p

Being that the original story was written by someone else, would you like to say something to them, as well as MadPea for creating this hunt?

Leesha Azara (pearl.solano): The person who wrote the story, which I forget the name, is a genius, he understood the spirit of the hunt in MadPea. I congratulate him for this scenario very well put together, the history of the prison brings something scary. Searching the mind of a murderer was really exciting, I'm sure if the opportunity was given to him he could still surprise us.

What was your favorite part?

Leesha Azara (pearl.solano): having to look for the bones on the DRD sim. I found it particularly fun, because they were very well hidden.  Some clues were also hilarious. I remember the condemned prisoner, because of his flatulence.

How did you feel about coming in top 3 and the prize?  Do you want to share what you did with the lindens?

Leesha Azara (pearl.solano): Well actually, I did not expect to finish in the top three, I thought others had already finished, so I stayed to help. I was the first to solve the puzzle ... I then followed the ones I helped and I discovered that we were the first to finish. The lindens have helped me pay part of the rent of my sim, so I can keep it and receive visitors.

Were you able to do the side mini hunt afterwards?

Leesha Azara (pearl.solano): I would participate in all madpeas hunts in the future. Your work is beautiful and I congratulate the entire team for the collective efforts that makes it so fun. Do not stop! Your hunts are an important part of my life on sl. I am not engaged in any other hunts other than yours as they fascinate me.

Woot! Pearl!

If you have been wondering about your stats or what your standings are when it comes to taking part in Dark Dimension hunt.  Then look no further, because here is a link that will give you just that :

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