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Unia Collaborator Interview: Jaimy Hancroft

A project such as UNIA requires an elaborate team.  A team that  binds together like glue with the use of many different ideas, art styles, talents, dreams, and minds. Collectively, they will prove that UNIA, is truly an exceptional upcoming game in the making.  Where darkness, light, life, death, all things will contribute to its existence.  So many talented individuals in the making of UNIA, such as Jaimy Hancroft.  She was able to speak with me, despite her very busy schedule, and today we introduce you to the one and only, the multifaceted, Jaimy Hancroft.

Who are you and what do you do on second life?

I own a store called, Death Row Designs, and it has been around since, 2008. Since then, I started creating items, that I would love for myself. I began creating things that I liked, and wanted for myself that I couldn't find in real life or in Second Life. I make original clothes and taught myself z brush and Photoshop.  Everything I make is original.  I am also the proud co-owner of 'DWARFINS' fantasy community simulation game.  I am co-owner, designer, and work alongside my sister Eowyn Swords for meshES and other projects.

Below is The Drax Files: World Makers video featuring: Dwarfins:

Here are  links to Jaimy's marketplace stores,  flickr page, & facebook page.



What do you enjoy about second life? 

What I like about Second Life is the fact that one can create things that they can visualize.  For i.e., a cabin of nightmares and creating things that aren't and couldn't be possible to create in real life.  Although I am always mostly busy, I do enjoy hanging out, visiting clubs, visiting art sims, festivals, and exploring, when I do get a chance.

How would you describe your art style and what kind of art or theme is your is your favorite and you most identify with?

The Art which I identify mostly with in real life is digital painting. I identify and like dark art, freaky, weird, creepy, and unusual.

Is there one thing that you have created, that you would consider the most special to you personally and creatively? 

The Lazy Boots would be the the most precious and I would hate to lose them from my inventory. They were the first sculpt boots I ever created.  I made them, because I couldn't find any untied combat boots at all at that time in second life.  I really wanted them.  I didn't know how to make anything at the time, but it was my very first hand made sculpted item.  I think I sold over a thousand of them.  The loose untied look became sort of a DRD official trademark.

What is the reason you joined second life and when, was there a particular time or something that inspired you do what you do, on Second Life?

 My dad motivated me in joining Second Life, he was a part of Second Life, before I was.  I joined and my dad passed away a year later.  The reason I stood in Second Life to keep my dad's legacy alive.

How would you describe UNIA to others? 

In UNIA you will get to experience nightmares and walking into the craziest places.

Do you have a specific thing, that you have been involved with on sl, that you enjoy very much?

 Dwarfins!  It is a fun community, and I have always loved MadPea, its the reason I joined the MadPea group.

  In UNIA, what is your dream scene that you have created based on? 

 My dream scene is based on a flash monster.

Did you ever partake in any of the MadPea games or hunts?  If so, which one? 

In June of 2011, I created for Sanity falls, a character.

Is there anything you would like to say to the MadPea Crew?

Thank you for always supporting me, DRD in everything.

Thank you for this interview Jaimy Hancroft!


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