Friday, October 18, 2013

"Dance While They Die" - A Spooky Swing Dance Event

The spirits of death row inmates still whisper to you while their remains litter the hidden spaces of Death Row Island.  The gurneys of the prison morgue are still wet with fresh blood and the people of the town speak fearfully in hushed whispers about the dead that haunt them.  The horror and terror is still fresh in the minds of hunters currently searching or finished.

There is no better way to celebrate this hunt than to come Dance While They Die!  Please join your fellow MadPeas in this Spooky Swing Dance Event which is scheduled for Saturday, October 19th from 5PM SLT to 7PM SLT.  DJ Victor1st Mornington will be playing some hopping swing music so grab a friend and come join us and get your "jive" on!

 Dance your way to Death Row Island!

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