Saturday, October 19, 2013

Smashing Pumpkins-Mini Hunt & Prize Preview

Are you a MAD Madpea?  Do you sometimes feel like just smashing something, because you can't find that very last clue?  Come click, teleport and smash a few pumpkins with our Dark Dimension vendors from October 16th-November 1st!  There will be a total of 26 pumpkins scattered in our Death Row Island- DRD main-store sims.

To make you even more MAD; some pumpkins will give you links to our vendor's stores to find your prize in a smash-able pumpkin.  Some of our pumpkins have prizes already inside.  And some pumpkins might just make you cry.  Once you've smashed a pumpkin and claimed your prize at our Dark Dimension vendors, don't forget to teleport back to the at Death Row Island to continue your mad search for more pumpkins. For the best experience, turn off your AO before sitting on the pumpkin to smash it.  Featured below, you will find prize photos from our participating vendors.  You will receive these goodies by smashing pumpkins:D  Have fun Peas and Good Luck!

^v^DRBC^v^ & Just BECAUSE

BENTHAM MANOR & lilith's den 

White Widow & BY NACHT

Amaranthus & REDRUM


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