Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dark Dimension Hunter Top 5 Interviews IV

As we enter the 3rd week of the Dark Dimension hunt, we present you with more hunter stats for this hunt.  We introduce you to another one of our beautiful hunters, who also banded with some friends and it helped her along the way.  In this post she will not only share her thoughts about the hunt, but she will give some useful tips to all of you Peas out there!  She is, CαηdƔ..(bloodycandycane), and came in at second place of our Top 5 hunters to finish this hunt. She completed the hunt on 10/7/13 at 5:34 am, and it took her a total of 14 hrs 59,' according to MadPea data.
2. bloodycandycane 10/7/'13, 5:34 am 14h 59'

What did you like about the Dark Dimension hunt?

.. CαηdƔ.. (bloodycandycane): well first of all that it was little harder than other hunts made it fun for me the hud was great too when you thought it was almost finished and it wasn't, but it was hard to be up front no extra clues etc.

What helped you complete this hunt very quickly, given that people are saying, its a challenging one?

.. CαηdƔ.. (bloodycandycane): I don't take all the credit to the win i had a team through most of the hunt. We kinda helped one another the ones in front teamed up so to say to help one another some did not finish with me due to RL things and had to go, but mostly ones up front tried to help one another.

In this snapshot, are Candy and her friend Fanta, during one of their Dark Dimension moments:-)

Do you have any tips for hunters, that may be thinking of doing this hunt, for the first time?

.. CαηdƔ.. (bloodycandycane): had to use certain words in the clues they helped to find the items, patience :) Don't give up! Do the hunt in pairs it helped.

Being that the original story was written by someone else, would you like to say something to them, as well as MadPea for creating this hunt?

.. CαηdƔ.. (bloodycandycane): it was a great hunt and a great story loved it, being lost made it even more exciting thank you all. I say lost, due to the story went till the end and you had to keep going to know what the whole story was.

What was your favorite part?

.. CαηdƔ.. (bloodycandycane): The ending.

How did you feel about coming in top 3 and the prize?  Do you want to share what you did with the lindens?

.. CαηdƔ.. (bloodycandycane): I shared a lot of it with others who were there with me, most of the way.

Woot! Candy!

If you have been wondering about your stats or what your standings are when it comes to taking part in Dark Dimension hunt.  Then look no further, because here is a link that will give you just that :

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