Monday, October 21, 2013

Dark Dimension Hunter Top 5 Interviews V

Today, we introduce you to our final top 5 hunter.  She was the 1st hunter to complete the Lennon Park Massacre hunt and has done it again, with the Dark Dimension hunt!  We congratulate her.  She completed this hunt on, 10/7/2013, at 5:33 am.  It took her a total of 12 hrs., and 19' minutes.  She is Caresia Adored, and this Pea along with so many Peas out there, rock!  In this post, she shares her thoughts on MadPea, and this new and exciting hunt!
Caresia Adored 10/7/'13, 5:33 am 12h 19'

What did you like about the Dark Dimension hunt?

I'm a huge fan of Death Row Designs, always have been, so when I found out that the hunt put together a storyline that utilized the whole sim, I was stoked.... The storyline was badass, and the decor perfectly in tune with the plot... Once again MadPea fulfills ones expectations and takes it to a new level.

What helped you complete this hunt very quickly, given that people are saying, its a challenging one?

I tend to be methodical when doing these hunts.  I make a list, keep notes, and copy things into notepad as I go along... If something is making me crazy, and I notice someone else is having the same issue, I work together with them to accomplish the goal. As far as it being challenging.. well... yeah, that's a given, this IS Madpea <3

Do you have any tips for hunters, that may be thinking of doing this hunt, for the first time?

Omgosh.... As for tips, you MUST copy/paste when things tell you stuff... very very important, unless you have one of those photographic memories.... Me, Im an old lady, so yeah, copy/paste/copy/paste.  Gotta love notepad :D

that and .... search stores in an order that works for you.  Me, I'll start on the left and work around it until I find what I'm looking for... since there aren't really any clues... it is truly a "hunt".... 

 Being that the original story was written by someone else, would you like to say something to them, as well as MadPea for creating this hunt?

To: Telestoi Weissmann

Dear Telestoi
You are indeed twisted, creative and gifted.  You should expect stalkers, as one who is this talented, and so acutely mad needs to be.  *grins* Enjoy the hype, post your stuff so we can see more... 
hats off to you sir.
care <3

To: MadPea

Dearest MadPea staff.
Once again you have challenged my mind, creeped me out, and given me pleasure.... I salute and praise your efforts.  *BIG BIG HUGS*..... Looking forward to the next one and thank you for all your time and dedication to us crazy people....... oh wait..... us Madpeas :D
care <3

What was your favorite part?

My favorite part was exploring all the areas of DRD island.  Taking pictures, and talking to all the NPCs.  I'm a dorky World of Warcraft nerd, so all that is always like "Epic" for me *laughs*.... all my maps are filled in ;)

How did you feel about coming in top 3 and the prize?  Do you want to share what you did with the lindens?

Well, I kind of felt bad that I came in first honestly.  There were four of us working on the end puzzle together.  I had NO clue that no one else had finished it before us... so I wandered out of the church, said hello to Kiana (who was standing outside the end point.), and then after taking a few pictures in front of the cemetary gates, I went to look at the preacher man.  I was then whammied with the buttload of prizes... and started sorting through them so I could work on my blog post.

Kiana told us a few minutes later (since we were now all still standing and sitting around there) that we were the first ones done.  I was shocked cause I had gotten stumped and ended up going to sleep for a few hours, then came back refreshed and worked on it again... and low and behold.. Yeah..... somehow.... first.

As for what I did with the Lindens?  
Well, I gave half of them to Chaosfear, because all four of us had worked on it together, and he was the only one of us who didn't get anything... as for the other half?  I used it to upload stuff for my store *laughs*  I know, not very exciting, but you asked :D

Woot! Caresia!

If you have been wondering about your stats or what your standings are when it comes to taking part in Dark Dimension hunt.  Then look no further, because here is a link that will give you just that :

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