Tuesday, October 22, 2013

MadPea at Death Row Island Gacha Fair!

At this very moment, a square of brightly colored gadgets sit waiting, filled with goodies. These enticing objects are in stark contrast to the macabre carousel of hanging bodies that can be seen in the distance and the decapitated head on a spike in the center of the square.  People are there, grinning maniacally, hopeful that they will be rewarded with a rare item in exchange for their valuable Lindens.  
Welcome to the Gacha Fair at Death Row Island!  Running from NOW until November 5th, this multi-merchant, gacha event features the creations of 22 designers. With prices ranging from L$10 to L$150, this is truly affordable to EVERYONE!  Overlooking this intriguing scene is none other than MadPea Productions' own Luckie Pea Gacha, which is loaded with 12 unique MadPea prizes that can be yours to collect for the MAD price of only L$50!  Come on down and try out your luck, if you dare...  

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