Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Unia Collaborator Interview: Fae Varriale

Unlike anything you have ever seen on Second Life is UNIA.  Nothing that has ever been created on sl, has taken so much dedication and hard work to be realized, there is no comparison.  Immersive game-play being brought to life, in its own special way.  A world you can only dream of and imagine.  So many things await you, but we can't reveal them all.  We are so excited, as are the people behind its overall creation.  Today, we bring to you an SL artist and photographer.  She has been building for MadPea Productions, as far back as Carneval.  We present to you, our very own, the extremely impressive  
Fae Varriale.

As one of the crew members, what do you do for MadPea productions?

Fae Varriale:  I am a member of the creative team, one of the builders.

Fae draws on the diversity of beautiful and unusual landscapes and has the ability to change appearance to almost anything.  She uses photographs taken in-world as the basis for her pictures.
 Fae is the co-owner and co-manager of Branwen Arts Centre which houses a gallery, exhibition space and theatre.   She is Choreographer for DiversionzDance, is passionate about creating 3D art and immersive installations.

You can visit Branwen Arts Centre, using the following link:

Here is a direct link to Fae's  flickr:

When did you begin working with MadPea, and also what motivated you to join Second Life?

Fae Varriale:  I began working with the team when Carneval was being built. The Tunnel of Doom was my first build.  I joined SL as I was curious after seeing a TV show about it.  I wanted to see what the fuss was about and am still here over 5 years later.

What is UNIA?

Fae Varriale:  UNIA is a massive, immersive game based on an amazing story by Kiana.

What part do you play in the making of UNIA?

Fae Varriale:  I am one of the builders. I help out where needed and am also responsible for the design of several elements, including the farm, one of the dream scenes and the game start/events area. 

Anything you want to share with the sl community regarding UNIA, what should they expect to see that might cause excitement?

Fae Varriale:  I have been working on it for several months already and I still find the whole concept more and more exciting. UNIA is huge, utilizes the vision and skills of a diverse range of artists and builders and is very different to anything I have ever seen in SL. 

Is there something you would like to share with your fellow collaborators about their participation in this massive Project?

Fae Varriale:  It is humbling to work with a team of such amazing, dedicated and talented people on such an inspiring and difficult project. The amount of work that goes on behind the scenes at MadPea is unbelievable. 

Thank you for this interview Fae Varriale!


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