Friday, October 25, 2013

Mind-blowing 48 Hour Halloween Raffle!

This weekend at MadPea,
48 Hours of Hopping Halloween Fun!

You should be digging through your inventory, scouring the grid, and camping out at lucky chairs for awesome Halloween costumes, Halloween colored clothes and Halloween themed decor!  You DO NOT want to miss the pre-Halloween festivities at MadPea starting Saturday, October 26th at 10am SLT!

12 Hours of Music Over 48 Hours!

Come dressed for Halloween in your favorite costumes or Halloween colors for live entertainment and music from an incredible lineup of DJ's!  There is not a more perfect setting for a party like this than Death Row Island!

48 Hour Halloween Raffle! 

As if all this music and dancing was not enough, MadPea will also be having a raffle over the 48 hours!  All items in the raffle will be Halloween themed and they are from a wide variety of vendors from across the grid. You will be able to buy as many tickets as you like for various prices on the items.  Proceeds from the raffle will benefit Madpea Productions so we can keep bringing you the amazing games/hunts you have come to love!

Event Schedule

 October 26th
10am SLT - DJ arielayyy
12pm SLT - DJ Mika (Volucer Ackland)
2pm SLT - DJ Paradox Messmer

October 27th 
12pm SLT - DJ Mika (Volucer Ackland)
2pm SLT - DJ Psilocybin Rain
4pm SLT - DJ Victor1st Mornington

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