Saturday, October 26, 2013

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

aka UNIA update from the Project Manager...

So, we didn't make it for Halloween, as you may have noticed. My IM box is getting full of questions daily: "When does Unia open?" "Why aren't you open yet?" "What's taking so long?" I just smile and reply: "When we're ready." It's amazing that people are so interested in this project and I would love to give a launch date, but the truth is that I honestly don't know it myself yet.

The concept of Unia was large to begin with, but as we're filling in the details, it keeps growing. The community is used to us bringing out new hunts month after month. Surely, if we can do those so fast, then why is Unia taking this long?  I'm not even sure how many months we have been working on Unia now, we're all lost in the madness of it all... 

What, you're saying Unia is NOT A HUNT??? 

No, Unia is far from being a hunt. I know people seem to think that all we do are hunts and while I do love the fact that hunts bring us recognition, I'd like to take you back a few years and remember games like the Kaaos Effect, Virtual Medical Doctor, Notes from the Voyage, Firefly, Swamp Hotel and the Devil's Labyrinth. Remember those? Now, combine them together and TA-DAA.. we're close to the scale of Unia Project! 

I was prepared to take on a huge task, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect something like this. So, what is Unia then? Unia is the most immersive story we have ever created. It truly takes the player on an adventure inside their deepest darkest dreams. The player becomes either a victim or a hero.. or are the roles that clear? I've given the tour of Unia to a handful of lucky people and I never find the words to truly describe it. It's just simply.. HUGE! 

Stop being so vague and saying HUGE! 
What does HUGE mean? 

I think Unia is the only project where I use the word HUGE simply because I've never done anything to this scale before. It scares me! Let me try to describe a bit better.
Unia is not just a game that you play once.. it's neverending. The first stage however is more defined. The game takes up two full sims with several play areas. There are two player groups who can team up or choose to play solo, the outcome may be different. There are massive puzzles to solve, there are creatures that you will have to kill before they get you.. and the ending is only the beginning to the whole concept of what Unia is truly about. 

Over 20 talented people are working on this project. They are being introduced to you in this blog one by one. Read their interviews, maybe they will accidentally expose more than I do.. 

Rest assured, you will be blown away... it's worth the wait! 
<3, Kiana

All photos in this blog post are taken by cold Frog at the Unia MadPea Islands

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