Thursday, April 17, 2014

MadPea Participating in !Exodus! Rock Club Easter Hunt

MadPea is participating in the first annual !Exodus! Rock Club Easter egg hunt. From midnight on Friday, April 18 through Monday, April 21, there will be a special Easter/Spring themed build where a mini egg hunt will be held.

Our talented makers of cool stuff put together an Easter Pea avatar, complete with an egg shell hat, watercolor paint box, and a paint brush. It even has it's own special AO so you'll have that spunky MadPea swagger.

In addition to the Easter Pea, there will be nine other prizes scattered around the !Exodus! Easter build.

The club will have DJs performing from 8am to 8pm while people hunt.  All club events will be in the Easter build so there will be lots of opportunity for people to find the items while they listen to awesome rock music and hang out with friends at the club.

MadPea hopes you'll hop on over to !Exodus! Rock Club and take part in the egg hunt. The Easter Pea alone is worth the trip!

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