Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Unique Lost Mine Hunters

by Honey Vesuvino

My job as a MadPea staff member is to help people. I (try!) to answer questions, provide hints, and give links to useful information. In this capacity, I am most often in Mad City Park or in the lost mines so I can show people where to purchase the hunt huds, get their NewPea avatar packages, or just commiserate. This means I have an awesome vantage point to see some of the most creative avatars in all of Second Life.

Pepi (aka Otto Jeffries) chose to do the Lost Mine hunt as a pug. He wore the collection bag around his tail! He said it served double duty (doodie?). Hahhaha!  Even though he's low to the ground, he still needed his spectacles to sniff out the missing map pieces.

I absolutely love the Japanese anime avatars! These people looked absolutely spot-on to real life animation. They totally worked as a team and tore through Mad City.

I thought it was really cute to see a Dwarfin avi with a MadPea clue finder. 

CyberWoLfman seemed to need a little liquid courage to face the mysteries within the Lost Mine. Either that or maybe it's just medicinal in case the mines were really cold. Either way, this big, bad wolf says he had a great time at Mad City and Dwarfins.

You have through April 30 to do the Lost Mine hunt. A single prize alone would make it worth your time but having 20+ prizes up for grabs means that you'd be crazy NOT to do it.  You can get started at Mad City Park or you can purchase the Lost Mine hunt hud, the female MadPea Clue Finder, and the male MadPea Clue Finder on SL Marketplace. They make excellent gifts!

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