Friday, April 11, 2014

NewPea Event: Best in Noob Wear!

Do you remember your first days in SL? The awesome duck waddle until you discovered AOs . . . the lovely stiff hair that just kind of stuck out from your head . . . the clothes that had no movement to them whatsoever. Ahhh, those were exciting times, right?  Well, you can relive these fond memories from your SL youth at the MadPea NewPea Event! 

This Saturday, April 12, from 12-2PM SLT, the best male and female in noob wear will each win 1,000L. DJ Dox (Paradox Messmer) was so well-liked when he spun for us last weekend that we begged him to come back and play for us again. Ti'chelle Teebrook will host the event, bringing her sweet charm to everyone.

But wait!  There's more! Some of our amazingly talented MadPea staffers, Icegul and Picole Bade, put together absolutely incredible NewPea packages. All MadPea group members can get an entire NewPea avatar that includes a shape, skin, mesh outfit, boots, and an AO. The female avatar includes hair and the male avatar includes a hat and goggles.


Pretty awesome, right? These are so well-made! The outfits have the super cool MadPea logo and the AOs are totally unique. I'm not a noob or even a NewPea, but I'll be wearing mine all over the grid. There's not a single avatar that doesn't look smashing in MadPea green.

Oh my gosh. I forgot to mention the best part. The NewPea packages are FREE! 

So, come on over to Mad City Park and pick up your NewPea package. They'll be available at the stage area. We hope to see you at the NewPea event this weekend!

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