Friday, April 4, 2014

Fastest Finishers of The Lost Mine Hunt

Aaaannnddd . . . they’re off! Roxie Harbour takes the early lead but Nic Roxan is close on her heels. Up the side comes Emma Dianthus. These Peas are really hunting fast! 

Nic Roxan makes a move for the lead but Roxie Harbour shuts him down. Emma Dianthus gets in front of Nic Roxan but he quickly recovers. As they’re coming down the final stretch, Roxie Harbour and Nic Roxan are neck and neck. It’s Nic Roxan . . . no, it’s Roxie Harbour! 

Finishing The Lost Mine Hunt at an amazing 1 hour and 21 minutes each, Roxie Harbour and Nic Roxan came in first and second place. A totally respectable 1 hour and 30 minute finish captured third place for Emma Dianthus.

Roxie and Nic did not use a Pea or Dwarfin companion, which makes their wins even more impressive. Emma said, "I used the female Pea companion. It was pink and I had to have it."

Roxie’s favorite part of The Lost Mine hunt was hunting for the map pieces but said that, “The crystal mines looked prettiest.” Nic most enjoyed the mini games at the end.

We asked Emma if she was surprised to be the top finisher and she said, “Yes! That is insane. I hopped over when it opened but I was so lagged out. I can’t believe I finished so fast!”

With plans to decorate her house with some of her hunt prizes, Roxie admitted, “I shop at most of the hunt vendors’ stores anyway!” Emma shared, “I may have spent A LOT of L$ in all the stores while I hunted.”

When asked how he celebrated completing the hunt, Nic said, “I hollered out ‘Whheeeeee!’” He has no particular plans for his prize winnings but is an admitted “shopping freak” and will definitely be visiting the vendors’ stores.

The fun continues at Mad City Park tomorrow from 12-2PM SLT with a Peas and Dwarfins Dance Party! You are welcome to come dressed as a Pea or a Dwarfin and enjoy some great tunage with DJ Paradox Messmer. We'll be giving away some awesome prizes and Ls for trivia. Hope to see you there!

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