Friday, November 30, 2012

Enchanted Frost Hunt Gifts: Quixote's Dream

Prepared for the next hunt prizes? Today we talk to Cero Quixote, owner of Quixote's Dream:

Ceri Quixote:" Quixote's Dream makes shapes and skins with a fantasy theme.  Our main product is our Colossi series of giant mesh avatars.  The Colossi avatars are sold in two sizes, with a range of skin tones and an ever increasing selection of wardrobe options.  They are designed for low lag, high customizability, and are great fun."

See here some examples:

And see here the literally great prizes for the hunters:

Ceri Quixote:" A set of 2x scale Colossi avatars - male and female - in an unreleased skin tone with a custom outfit designed for the hunt. "

How to start the hunt:

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