Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Lost Mine Hunt - How to Play


Childhood bedtime stories, we all had them and enjoyed them. They were meant as a way to whisk us off to some magical realm that soothed us and let us sleep soundly.

A local scientist, known to some as a mad scientist but known to all as Madrigal Peabody, is claiming he has found a way to open a portal to another realm, a realm that comes from one of our most beloved bedtime stories. The story of the Lost Mine of Stonehaven.

The bedtime story makes claim of a long lost mine, kept secret by its creators, full of gold, gems, chalices, and other such wonders. Riches untold to be sure. 

Professor Peabody, by all rights a genius, has put a help wanted ad in the local newspaper. He claims he created a machine that could open a portal to this bedtime story-world and allow entry to it. He also claims he's found the Lost Mine of Stonehaven, but accidentally ripped up the treasure map, mistaking it for his grocery list.

Now he's asking for adventurers to help him reclaim the pieces of the treasure map, put it back together, and enter this story world to find the mine once again.

Dare to join this Adventure? 
Finding the map is only the beginning...


Pay the vendor at Mad City or Dwarfins
150L to receive your HUD. 

Wear it and it will attach on the top left corner of your screen.
When you purchase the HUD you will also receive a very special bag.
You must wear it as well, because it's needed to collect the items
you will find on your journey.

We have special avatars available at a low cost 
to help you immerse in the story. 
Both MadPea and Dwarfins have rigged mesh adventure avatars.
The avatars do not give you a gameplay advantage.

The MadPea avatar has a backpack that comes free with it. 

You can collect items and tools for your avatar 
from the gacha machine at Mad City for 25L/play. 


Both MadPea and Dwarfins have some very 
special companions for your adventure! 
The Clue Finders give you a huge advantage in the game, 
as they will point you towards the active items 
you need to find to be able to move on. 
They will tell you if you're within 20m, 15m, 10m or right next to the item.
 Of course they look super cute as well when they walk by your side!

Female version available too

Pink one available too


When you first wear your HUD you will see four buttons. 

The HUD will ask you to allow permissions to TELEPORT you. 
Please accept this as it's necessary for the game to work as intended. 

What the buttons do: 
RED: Minimize the HUD 

Helmet:  Get teleported to Dwarfins sim
Pea: Get teleported to Mad City
? : Get URL to this blog post       

You need to look for crumpled pieces of paper in Mad City 
in order to find the missing map pieces. They look like this: 

The pieces can be anywhere! 
Inside or outside... and if someone else has picked up 
the piece right in front of your nose, 
then it disappears and you must search for a new one. 

When your Map is full, it looks like this: 

 Now you have the map ready showing you the way to the mine.. 
and that's all you're going to find out now! 
Please understand that this game is a point-and-click treasure hunt. 
Clicking items will give you clues to advance in the game. 
Make sure to pay attention in nearby chat for instructions.

We also have help available in MadPeas’ group chat 24/7.

You will encounter new areas, puzzles and you might even get lost. 
Keep the faith though, the treasure is so close you can almost smell it! 

Good luck dear Adventurer, 
may your journey be filled with wonders!


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Participating vendors with prize donations

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