Monday, October 6, 2014

New MadPea Satellite Store at R3volt

MadPea is proud to present our new satellite store!

R3volt is an post apocalyptic SIM full of dark and eerie corners, rusting Tanks, cars, collapsed buildings and more. A perfect place for grungy pictures and a lot of exploring.
You might be surprised what you will find.

Our store is full of amazing goodies that will turn your Halloween into complete MADNESS or scare the living Peas out of your neighbors with an eerie garden.
Or do you look for some grunge and rusty farm deco? Want to live in a swamp?
You will find everything you need at

Also all our items made out of ORIGINAL mesh, created by our crazy builders just for your pleasure...

 ... Speaking of pleasure ...

R3volt SIM will also be the starting point of our very first Adult Hunt, called
Blood Letters, which will start November 1st - 30th.
Follow the footsteps of an internationally infamous serial killer whose thirst for blood and gore is never ending.

Be ready to step into this devil circle where blood meets pleasure and be lured into a world you thought it wouldnt exist!

Maybe you have the right mind to solve these gruesome murders...

Just remember of one thing...

...Evil never looked this good before...

For more information, feel free to like/join/add/subscribe us:
Inworld Group: MadPeas

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