Saturday, January 31, 2015

Inside the Mind of a Pea

What's always true about MadPea is that there is more than meets the eye. Instead of telling you what MadPea isn't, let's talk about what it is: It's a group of people that create immersive games, and it is also a group of people that have successfully created a community out of the players of those games.

Eventually, while taking part in any of the MadPea adventures, a player comes across somehow, somewhere, the MadPeas group. For me, it was when I was having trouble deciphering a clue, and looked around me desperately. I saw other avatars also playing the game, but who were wearing "MadPea" tags. Are they staff members? I wondered. With a little basic snooping (I have pretty good snooping skills, haha) I discovered there was an actual group, and it seemed to be for people to ask for hints and help while playing the game. After only a short time, I discovered that this group was very unique unto itself. I'd joined other "Hunt Help" groups in the past, and I have to say, the MadPea group is quite unique.

To help give you an idea, meet Sue Chardin, SuzieQX2 Oh, Rosie Simca, moi and Pawo. Each one of these individuals is in the MadPea in-world group, and are active participants in group chat - where Peas chatter about hunts, ask for hints when there's a game under way, or just generally hang out and have fun between games.

Rosie Simca

Sue, Suzie, Rosie, moi and Pawo have been members of MadPea for varying amounts of time, and they all come from different backgrounds. But the one thing they have in common, is what they feel it means to "be a Pea."

"To me it means to be loyal to the Pea. We all bow to the Pea," giggled Rosie, betraying the sense of fun most Peas seem to be equipped with. "The people you encounter have been courteous, respectful and non-judgmental. To be a Pea you must be a little Mad."

The others agreed. When asked the same question, the idea of "fun" and being a little "Mad" is at the forefront of their responses. So is a love of story and puzzles.

"To love solving puzzles but most of all, being friendly, and helpful and have a sense of community with the other members," added Sue.

" You have to be curious, have a slightly warped sense of humor," said Pawo, and with a grin, added "but warped in all the right ways!"

All members also seemed to agree on the theme of community running through the group - and it's true. If a new member pops in and says hello, they are always greeted by at least one Pea who says "hello" in return. Usually from there, friendly chat ensues.

Pawo, one of the newer of the members interviewed, had this to say about the MadPea community: "Very welcoming, slightly twisted, immensely amusing and creative. Make sure to bring your sense of humor and your curiosity, and be ready to explore wondrous things with awesome people."

So, what are these MadPeas expecting out of BURIED, the newest interactive adventures put on by MadPea Productions?

Moi says that she is "looking forward to another hunt that makes me forget to check the time!"
" The same I always! I enjoy testing myself to see if I can do it without help," said SuzieQ. "You get so involved!" she added, agreeing with moi.

What are these players basing their experiences on, you might wonder.  Sue has been playing MadPea adventures since Lost Treasure of the Incas, which she says has been her favorite so far. She thought the sim was fantastic, and the game was as immersive as it could get.

SueQX2 Oh
Newer players like Pawo and moi were more recently introduced when they discovered Green Mire, where players were sent around a swamp to figure out what happened to two boys who seemed to have disappear mysteriously.

In spite of this vast difference in experience, one thing is clear: They expect great things from MadPea's newest adventure.

" I am hoping to be totally immersed into a realm of creative storytelling and exploration," said Rosie.

Pawo seemed to agree: " I'm hoping for a great storyline, one that draws me and makes me not want to depart until I've explored all there is for me to see and discover."

Be sure to discover this community for yourself as you explore the adventure that will be BURIED. You won't be sorry, and you will most certainly be welcomed. Bring your twisted smile with you when you do!

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