Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mad New Year 2015

Dear Green Little Peas, 

Welcome to the year 2015! A year when I hope you all will learn something new, love and be loved, surprise yourselves and let us fill it with good madness and magic!

Every year I am amazed at still being here. This is the 7th year that I will be steering this ship with the mad and talented crew to keep pushing and making a difference in Second Life. Still after all these years I get just as excited about each new story and project. Seeing the MadPea community growing year after year and getting the instant feedback is truly priceless.

While we are getting prepared for SL2, the Second Life we are currently enjoying is growing and becoming more stable than ever before. Today we can do things we couldn’t do a year or two years ago, allowing our games become more immersive and interactive.

I feel proud of the projects we accomplished in 2014:

Mad City was alive with events, galleries and stores and held the Lost Mine Hunt where we collaborated with the Dwarfins and held a massive Celebrity Auction raising $1,345,897L for Feed-A-Smile.

We are doing another Celebrity Auction this year and let’s see if I end up singing at Furry Fair like I did last year!

We sponsored One Billion Rising supporting women suffering from violence.

We got into the Gacha Madness starting with the Mieville Midway Gacha event, followed by our own Steampunk and Art Gacha Fairs and then joining the big Arcade.

We drowned Mad City with style.. it was flushed away and missed by many… so while working on UNIA we decided to build the Green Mire Swamp to give you a place to hang out and meet each other.. and search for the two boys that went missing there. Little did I know how much you would get into finding them and after dozens of requests we decided to create a massive hunt to give a backstory to what happened to the boys. This became our most played adventure of the year!

In November it was time to test the limits a little bit and do our very first adult rated adventure called Blood Letters. The feedback for it was so overwhelming that we’ll definitely have to try something like that again.. or who knows, maybe the Mantis will return with a sharpened knife.

We closed the year by giving you a sugar rush with Scrumptious Sweets that is still going on for a few more days, so make sure to get your sugar fix before it's gone! 

We want to thank you all for your continuous support. YOU are the reason we are creating the games and events for and your feedback is precious. 

We are excited about year 2015 as we are shaping things up a little bit and getting ready for the big UNIA launch. Before that though, we are going to give you a little treat and bring a story called BURIED on the grid in February. 

Our team is growing as we have welcomed new talent to the mad crew. I'm excited to introduce the fresh new faces of Wavie Haller, who is known for his brand, Consignment, Vladimiro Renoir, who will start creating our animations, Bj√∂rn Folkesson, who will been seen on the Community a lot and Axiomatic Clarity, who is bringing in his expertise in branding. 

And on that note.. I'm excited to introduce you the brand new logo.. 
a tiny drop of elegance, a spoonful more madness.. 
Ladies and Gentlemen: the Fresh Face of the Pea.

With mushy hugs, 
Kiana Writer

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