Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mardi Gras Celebrated Madpea Style

As you  know the day before Lent is a celebration in many cultures. Some eat pancakes as a way of getting rid of all the fat in the home before Lent starts. Traditionally you couldn't eat any eggs, flour, milk or fat during Lent. Did we starve? well that tradition is not the same any more but the practice of eating pancakes and other things with egg and sugar and milk and butter has never really ended. In England we eat pancakes, the Welsh enjoy welsh cakes which are similar in mixture to pancakes but thicker and probably just as delicious. In Scotland they cook scottish pancakes, these are the ones Americans eat with eggs for breakfast dripping with maple syrup.

In some cultures Shrove Tuesday as this day is called, is often referred to as Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras, in some places its a place for great fun and frivolity and so the festival of Mardi Gras goes back as far as the Romans, but it has really come into its own as a festival during the late 18th Century.

There is a King called Rex and he drives the carnival float at the beginning of the float procession. He and his companions throw necklaces and doubloons and other regalia to the crowd. There is a frenzy to catch these items, many other floats travel by also throwing trinkets, doubloons, necklaces, cups, yes cups [plastic] are thrown out to the crowd and balls too.

So we decided to celebrate Mardi Gras at Madpea Games and tune into the New Orleans Radio stream for live music at the live event as Mardi Gras was celebrated in New Orleans so the Madpea Members celebrated in the Madpea Game Arena.
It was an impromptu event hosted by Rowanessque and Quan a surprise event for all the Madpea Members. The Madpea team donated some lindens and a competition for the craziest costume commenced.
The Winner
It was great fun, the Madpea Members had a great time, its such a shame if you couldn't be there because we had lots of fun and danced merrily to New Orleans Radio stream for over two hours straight.
The competition results where announced and the dancing continued until most of us Europeans went to bed and hoped that the fun would continue in our absence.

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