Wednesday, June 13, 2012

3. Where's Wraith Hunt Starts: Collisions

Again it is Wednesday and time for the next Where's Wrath round! Today's destination is Collision.

Here's how the hunt works: 
 - We will announce the Quest start point on our channels (Group chat & notice, Blog and Facebook) at 12pm SLT on Wednesdays.
- You will meet a pea character on that start point. Click it to receive your first clue. The clue takes you on a small quest that will eventually reveal the whereabouts of Wraith.
- Pay attention to the conversations you have with the characters. If you have missed something, you can always restart.

  What are the prizes: 
    -  The first 3 persons to solve the puzzle and find Wraith will win 1000L for the first, 500L for the send and 300 Linden for the third place.  -  Everyone who successfully find him will receive a brand new prize from the creator that we have chosen that week. Today's participating creator is Guen, owner of Collisions.

Collisions is known for great tattoos and jewelry. Todays prize is a jewelry set.

- WHERE'S WRAITH WEDNESDAYS happen each Wednesday from 12PM SLT time lasting for a week.

Come today at 12 PM SLT! The first three hunters will get Linden prizes!

Hunt start here:

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