Tuesday, October 30, 2012

B I G opening tomorrow!

Hello dear readers,

I am so incredibly proud to open the MadPea Carneval tomorrow. It's crazy to think that MadPea has been creating in Second Life for over 4 years now. In the past we have been noticed because of our fresh ideas and immersive and interactive games. We have done various genres, yet one thing has been common for everything we do: The Quality. I can't emphasize enough how many hours of love, sweat, blood, passion and dedication goes into each creation. When we do something, we do it well. Naturally, this means that each time, we have to somehow try to do something even better than the previous time and with 4 years of creating.. I don't think I need to even say more...

Carneval Entrance

I admit, I have pushed the team to their limits. Lured them into their dark sides and making them feel the despair the Carneval needed. We have created a place that gets under your skin. Not only it's our home, our Peapod and place for our store, our games, rides and attractions.. it's a place that pulls you back in because you have the constant feeling that something is about to happen. Maybe it's the ghosts of the freaks who were slaughtered there appearing for a revenge or maybe.. it's the feeling of hope that something good might surface after all the madness.

Evil emerging

I can not express my gratitude enough for these amazing talented people who gave their all to create this amazing experience. It's everything I imagined and a lot more. The beautiful scenery will encourage and inspire photographers and machinima makers.

My deepest gratitude goes to my amazing team behind this huge adventure:

Harter Fall for putting up with my insane demands and keeping me sane. You are my rock, always.
Arduenn Schwartzman for your nonstop energy and mad concepts.
Fae Varriale for sharing my dark side and embracing it.
Geoffrey Xenobuilder for the craziest ideas and always being there.
Linus Humphreys for the little details that make the big difference.
Lorin Tone for making the world sound fun.
paramparamm Papp for not posting my naked photos in our store, no need to say more.
Penelope Parx for new inspirations and dedication.
RAG Randt for incredible stamina ja passion.
Zachh Barkley for magic...
Apollosmile for the smoothest rollercoaster in the whole SL.
claudia222 Jewell for creating her final piece of art for MadPea and our mad talks about men.
Clicquot Oh for always being there for anything.
cold Frog for fantastic photos and finding the weird stuff we need.
Elizabeth Tinsley for support and making sure there is always a light.
Fuzz Difference for never giving up and being a white rabbit.
Glitch Axelrad for playing my bad cop whenever I need one.
Madcow Cosmos for being there still in spirit, his work lives on with MadPea always.
Quan Lavender for making sure people know about MadPea.
Smiley Dyrssen for our old games that still run after 4 years. Hope to see you back soon.
Voidheart Mistwalker for jumping in with such a short notice and making things awesome.
Yooma Mayo for the amazing rollercoaster design.
Yuna Khaos for being always positive.

Kyle Beckett, Aneris Allen, Krista Darbyshire and MysteriousNow Magnifico for being brave and trying to break things so we have chance to fix them before anyone else notices...

None of this would be possible without our generous sponsor, Cha Klaar, whose continous support keeps us going.

Thank you for reading. You are the reason we keep creating. :)

Hope to meet you tomorrow at 12pm SLT at the Freak Stage

From the cage of the freaks and from the bottom of my heart,

Founder of MadPea


  1. I want to thank Kiana Writer for being a visionary, smart and nice to be with and work for person. And thanks for letting me on the island!

  2. It looks mean:) Good luck with the opening!