Thursday, May 29, 2014

What to wear? PeaWear!

We all know what MadPea excels at - putting on kick-ass hunt adventures, right? We're also notorious for awesome parties, amazing sim designs, and creating totally unique and fun items for gachas, give-aways, or just because! What area of SL weren't we involved in? Clothes. We're there now . . . PeaWear is here!

A few members of our creative team collaborated to come up with a line of gaming and adventure gear.  The initial outfits - one each for female and male - are so cool!

The MadPea Female Gamer Outfit comes with a belt, holster, camo tank, jean shorts, black belts, and an accessory gun. All that for only 150L. Yes. Pick yourself up off the floor now.

Photo by Vylna Daviau ( and

The male outfit - also just 150L - comes with a camo helmet, goggles, camo tank and cargo pants, boots, and an accessory gun. All items except the guns are mesh or rigged mesh. They come with standardized sizes (XS/S/M/L/SL) and alpha layers plus mesh guns as accessories for holster, belt, and hands.

"I find it very interesting to see how people are dressing up their avatars," says a PeaWear creator. "I like to see how we love to play with our looks and make them into special scenes to take pictures or simply to increase a part of our personality."

Photo by Noir Gothly ( and

And how did MadPea decide to get into the clothing market? 

"MadPea is the perfect place to try to bring some outfits to the games. We want hunters to feel more  immersed into the experience of a MadPea production."

Where to get PeaWear? Well, we're still designing and building the in-world store, but you can shop at the PeaWear by MadPea store on Marketplace ( 

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