Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mad Fun with MadPea Rewind and Play Arcade Toys

Have you been to The Arcade yet? Time is running out! As you may (should!) know, The Arcade only happens September, December, March, and June. Your chances this month to score the complete set of offerings from MadPea are getting slimmer every day.

And what an awesome collection it is! MadPea's interactive Rewind and Play toys are absolutely awesome. I had so much fun playing today. The Crazy Jack had me in stitches! You never know what he's going to say the next time he pops out. I loved seeing if Sniffy would try to eat the rare Zerbert 2000. Thankfully, he didn't although he did lift his leg . . .


Just for the record, 8 was not my high score on the Rosetta. If it weren't for certain Peas needing an LM to the absolutely necessary Gacha Galley (the Arcade's official off-sim shopping location), I would have done much better. This game is absolutely addictive and will remain on my table until I break it.

Who could resist jammin' out with the Thunder Chord?! Nobody!! It comes with a rezzable version with a stand and plays a bunch of different tunes with animations. I am a rock legend on my own sim!

The official MadPea Rewind & Play Arcade poster shows all that is available. At only 75L per try, you can't afford NOT to get the whole set. If I haven't already smacked you on the booty with my Sticky Fingers, then I just haven't seen you yet.

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