Monday, November 24, 2014

Splish Splash Monkey Fun


The matriach of the mischevious Phunky Monkey's of MadPea Circus had long faced an issue with her troupe of monkeys and their personal hygiene issues. 

She had tried nagging, cajoling and even shaming the monkeys into a regular bathing regimen. Nothing worked! Whenever she tried they monkeys would just gather their nuts and head outside for more monkey business. 

She was almost at the end of her simian tether when an accident involving a trapeze, a broken safety net, a ladder and a clown called shorty gave her an idea. That day the Simian Splash was invented. Fooling the monkey into thinking the bowl contained no more than a simple goldfish, when in fact it contained anti-bacterial gel, she set about setting up a playful toy for the monkeys. 

THEY LOVED IT. Taking it in turns to perform the Simian Splash they each improved their hygiene and had fun at the same time. To this day they still don't know that they are really having a wash! 

Simian Splash is just one of the items you can collect from the MadPea Gacha at Cirque De Seraphim. Check out our other items too which are sold with a 50% donation to the ASPCA!

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