Sunday, February 19, 2012

MadPea Ghosthunters Kit

Have you ever wondered how to catch a ghost, a soul perhaps you need the all new Madpea exclusive Soul Catcher.

95 Lindens Capture any Soul Wandering SL

When you catch a soul your necklace glows, be careful not to release it less the spirits inside escape.

A book on spirit release suggests releasing the spirits back into the water, where they came from. You know that some of these spirits where captured in the sand of the river bed, that makes mirror glass. When you break that glass they say you release the spirit, who knows where these spirits come from. In second life releasing them into the water seems to work well.

75 Lindens for this belt.
Sometimes you need a little extra help, the Spirit Hunter belt is equipped with spell pouches, soul catchers, an pentacle for protection, even a knife incase you need to make a fast escape. Why would a Ghost/Spirit hunter need a knife I wonder. Well you know an athame is used to cut the air, in a protective measure and to cut herbs and spices. A knife is extremely useful to replenish those potion pouches. Even if your not hunting ghosts the Soul Catcher Necklace and the Spirit Hunter belt make interesting items to add to your Madpea apparel.

Be prepared, a motto known to most Scouts across the world. A good motto for the Ghost Hunter too. Always be prepared in your second life because you never know when you might need a Soul Catcher or protection of the Spirit Hunter Belt. What about vampires and werewolves you may well ask. The spirit hunter belt pouches can be filled with garlic, just incase you need to scare away an unfriendly vampire creature you might meet in the woods of second life.

Silver Bullet Bracelet 49 Lindens Bargain

Silver Bullets kill Werewolves don't they? So I think just wearing this handy Silver Bullet Bracelet might be enough to protect you from Lycan and Werewolves, especially the ones that eat your dinner or best friend. Of course you might want to be swept up by a hot blooded Wolf Like creature so may be the Silver Bullet Bracelet is just a fashion accessory.

Belt, Necklace and Bracelet available at Madpeas Shop and at Market place. Ready to wear, ready to go, be it Spirit Hunter, or just in vogue with a range of designer items, only available at Madpeas. Available in black leather while stocks last or Ghosts haunt your sims.

By Rowanessque Whitewood.

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