Sunday, February 19, 2012

MadPea High Mystery Crystal

High School was so quiet and I couldn't think why until I saw her standing there covered in Crystal Glass.
Madpeas Crystal Prison only 175 lindens

So I went upstairs to the Principles Office and there they where all the teachers where Crystalised.

They where calling Help Me, Help Me! But as I got near to them.

I realised they where Modifiable and Copiable and so I changed the colours to green and pink and blue just for fun.

Just then I moved a little closer and it drew me right into it, it was all consuming, I could have clicked WEAR or just been sucked right in by it. It was only a crystal, it couldn't hurt me could it. Who were the people inside though.

So I took one home just for fun, and scared everyone with my Crystal Prison. Available now at Madpeas Shops for only 175 linden, copy/mod. Scare your friends, multiply them tell your current boyfriend or girlfriend, thats what happens to cheaters. Wrapped in a crystal prison for ever. Just who are the avatars trapped in these Crystal Prisons, who knows. People who eat peas for breakfast, dinner and tea I suspect.

By Rowanessque Whitewood.

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