Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Time Travel: The Kaaos Effect

Did you liked as well so much the movie „The Time Tunnel?“ Once visiting the past or the future! What a dream! But SL is there to fulfill your dreams. Come to MadPea and become staff of a  a time travel agency from the future which has landed on the Hoshi Island. What caused this to happen?

Using the washroom in the future
We are in the year 2050. Temporal Sightseeing Destinations, TSD, is a time travel agency in the future that offers their customers pleasant journeys in different time eras, past or future. They are very cautious when hiring new people, due to previous 'accidents'. Sid Mallock seemed like a perfect guy for the job, but as soon as he found a girlfriend, Annie, his priorities got a bit messed up...

German U-Boot 2nd World War
 He ignored the TSD protocol and pressed the wrong button causing a breach in time, sending part of the lab to an unknown location. He needs the job to move out from his mother's house and has to fix the accident asap before anyone finds out. He needs you to bring the armband back to him asap. 

Tang Dynasty, China
How to start: Once you reached the ground station you click the turning centre part and wear the HUD and the armband. The devices you find here are damaged. You have to find the missing two pieces, one blue and one green, for the armband before the armband functions correctly.

1933 telephone center
Jungle, Stone Age
Until you find the pieces, you have to use the communicational devices you will discover on your journeys to contact Sid. Once you have succeeded, Sid will help you through time by sending your new coordinates. Your armband can not transmit information directly without being complete, but it can receive data from Sid. Your armband has AI, she's witty, cheeky and always right. She will help you find your way. 

Dark Room
By clicking on the TSD sign in the HUD you get transported though time. The travel leads you trough all times from Stone Age to the far future. At every station you need to find items and combine them to get further. Once finished, the HUD transports you to the next quest. You can always leave the game and come back. The HUD always brings you back and all finished locations are recorded. There are also hidden bonuses and extras in the game...  You will know eventually what those are needed for. 

Big Sun
This exciting time travel was created in cooperation with our partner Orange: France Telecom-Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators with 172,000 employees worldwide, including 105,000 employees in France, and sales of 45.3 billion euros in 2011. Present in 35 countries, the Group had a customer base of 226 million customers at 31 December 2011, including 147 million customers under the Orange brand, the Group's single brand for internet, television and mobile services in the majority of countries where the company operates. At 31 December 2011, the Group had 167 million mobile customers and 14 million broadband internet (ADSL, fibre) customers worldwide. Orange is one of the main European operators for mobile and broadband internet services and, under the brand Orange Business Services, is one of the world leaders in providing telecommunication services to multinational companies.

The Kaaos Effect is a brilliant, entertaining game and fun for all levels of game experience. 


By Quan Lavender

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