Friday, May 9, 2014

Mad City Vendors. . . You Will Be Missed

By now I'm sure word has gotten around that Mad City is going away at the end of this month. We have had so many good times there! The hunts, the parties . . . and, of course, the shopping!

MadPea is so grateful to have some of the most creative and talented people in SL as vendors. We want to give a very special thank you to those who have shared Mad City with us.

  • Blue Moon Enterprises - SolasNaGealai Resident
  • Chimeric Arts & Fashion - Punkerella Summers
  • The Cube Republic - Cube Republic
  • - CyberWoLfman Resident
  • The Dark Fae - Corvi Ashdene
  • DRD - Jaimy Hancroft
  • Dwarfins - Judy Chestnut
  • Envisage:Limitless - Aliandra Miami
  • Fae Varriale Art Exhibition
  • Holiday Home Decor - Luckylady Llewellyn
  • Huntress Inc. - CruX Huntress
  • Jan's Fine Living - Jandai Writer
  • Kawaii Couture - Saucey Sinister
  • Kottos Games Factory - Kottos Sperber
  • LaNoir Soleil - Caresia Adored
  • Lybra - Lybra Rage
  • Never Totally Dead - Silex Zapedzki & BlueSean Yiyuan
  • noctis - Yelena Istmal
  • Potpourri Designs - AlexandraLara Resident
  • Quinntessentials -  Quinn Reinerman
  • Redrum - Mzzy Wytchwood
  • Stitches Creations - Stitches Bade
  • Swank Brothers - Doc Wrangler

MadPea is setting up in another location and will keep everyone posted. Hopefully we can get shops set up again! In the meantime, everyone should definitely visit the main locations for these wonderful vendors. They were so good for Mad City and we hope to work with them all again.

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