Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Gacha Art Festival Review


I Love Art!  Art is an expression of one's inner self.  Some inspired by emotion, spirituality, pure fun, or just the freedom of releasing one's demons.

The Gacha Art Festival is an amazing venue for Second Life's hidden talent. There is so much fine art at this great festival, that it makes me so excited to see what new pieces are living inside EACH gacha machine.

Upon exploration, I found that each person's Art is so UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL and RARE. Something that every Second Life eye should behold and collect.

Each Artist has an explosion of their creative capabilities to share with the lucky participants of this Festival, and this virtual world.  Below are photos of my time in the festival.

The first photo shows Dog Dreams and Fraidy Cat from RAG Randt's collection.  You should make them a part of your collection too.  I really love the humor in these.  The machine is only L$75.  You can learn more about RAG Randt, using the following link:

Back to bach.  This artist, shares an awesome concept for the festival.  In the photo above, you can see an item created called, Bach's Spine.  It plays instrumental music (Bach/Ludwig/Reef) and you can hop on this piece of art.  Just be careful not to hurt your back! :-)  This gacha is L$50.  You can learn more about Eupalinos Ugajjin using the following link:

You can own different types of Mrs. Bones.  This collection has unique Nicole, Ho, Darth, and even Conchita Mrs. Bones.  These cute pieces of bones (art), are wearable and attach to your shoulder. 
They are available when you play L$25.  Read more about Ole Etzel and what he does here:

The dummy didn't want to trade the RARE with me.  I will have to pull out my hammer, maybe that will help him change his mind lol.  Gimme' all of your peaks.  This is a sweet collection of beautifully framed real images of mountains/landscapes, and L$50.  Visit the shop inworld or on Marketplace:

This one is no. 6 from Sabbian Paine Collection and is called, "Wind." It is also the RARE.  This specific collection- was shot and inspired by Muiccia Klaar and Squonk Levenque's incredible new sim H22O as well as the music of Patrick Watson, Cinematic Orchestra and Brain Cain, is about solitude and our connection to environment around us against.  The dark and rainy landscape paired with the music help tell the story and set the mood of each image.  The machine is L$50.  Checkout more of Sabbian's works here:

I love how unique this gacha is. It is filled with some of Moe's private collection, which include cutouts of different shows and performances.  He has made an exclusive picture for this gacha event.  These are only available for the very first time in the festival.  Yay!  This gacha machine is set at L$75.

Thea Maiman's first gacha collection is perfect.  The one above is called, titanic.  It is only one of the twenty in her set.  The hues make it one of my faves as well as the laundry art in this set. 
View more of Thea Maiman here:

This machine is filled with static sculpture creations by Harter Fall.  It is a prize winner set and is well worth collecting and only L$50.  You can read and learn more about Harter Fall at:

Alia Baroque items are great. I could not resist posing next to the Easel. This machine is filled with necessary tools for any Artist. Especially for that moment when you feel most inspired. He even managed to add some toilet paper to this collection, for those precious (hmm) inspirational moments. lol
It is a collection of sketches and items every artist should have around from the beginner to the advanced.  As well as introduce most of you to artists, you may never have heard of during your Second life lifetime.
Alia contributed his original sketches and paintings for this particular event by making them usable in SL.
It is  is one of those sets that should be a part of your everyday decor. 
I can't wait to decorate with this set. The machine is set at L$50.
Learn more about Alia Baroque and his products:

This set is param's junk.  I love the effects where the glass cracks when you bump or walk onto ([qp]ARTgacha "tree 6") it.  It is a great surprise.  The photo above depicts this very cool feature.  I highly recommend this piece of junk art...(really isn't junk).  I really enjoy this set, and the originality.  
The machine is set at L$61.

Fuschia Nightfire participated in this event.  It is wonderful having her be a part of this.  The Art above is the Wild Horses RARE from her set.  The great thing about this, is that it is animated and you can watch the horses run free in the image.  It is truly lovely.  The machine is L$50. 
 Learn more about Fuschia Nightfire using the link below: 

Thank you for reading this short review on things to look forward to and links to learn more about the artists who participated in this festival!  There is a little bit of art for everyone.  I hope you will find time to stop by through the 31st.  All the wooden dummies are by Image Essentials.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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