Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Learn from this Phunky Monkey's Mistakes!

Kooky is a recovering banana skin addict. From the time he was a little monkey, his greatest thrill in life was to amuse everybody and make them laugh. Of course, at school he was the class clown. At one party he found that when he sniffed banana peel, that he could act really crazy and make everybody howl in surprise. But soon, he felt he needed more than a sniff to feel the same craziness and soon became addicted to smoking banana skins.  

The more his addiction took hold over him, the less he could amuse everybody and contrarily became quite a sullen monkey. He really reached bottom when at a grand gathering of friends and relatives, he made everybody quite angry and embarrassed when the only humor he had in him was insults and put downs.

Fortunately for Kooky, his cousin Cheeta recognized what was happening to him and created an intervention. After a couple of sessions of oooh oooh therapy, Kooky recognized his addiction problems and enrolled in a 10 vine program which he successfully completed. He quickly joined the Phunky Monkey Circus when they passed through his area and now amuses hundreds of audience members daily and makes them laugh until they cry.

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